Hydrographics Products and Services

Client Hydrographics Services

  • Industry-specific Requirement Evaluation

    Each industry has unique hydrographics requirements (such as scratch resistance in automotive, UV resistence in marine, and flammability resistance in aviation). So, we offer an initial project evaluation at no charge, to determine the water transfer printing solution which best fit the dynamic needs of your business. We can also follow-up this consultation with a decorated sample of your product, through our custom shop.

  • Film Selection

    We have several hundred various types of hydrographic film patterns for you to choose from. These range from wood grain, designer, carbon fiber, camouflage, metal, and stone. We will help you determine which hydro imaging film is best suited for your two- or three-dimensional product.

  • Product Fulfillment

    We can also provide shipping of your custom-designed hydrographics product to your customer. Please contact us for details.

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Hydrographic Products and Applications

  • Archery and Hunting Equipment

    Our camo dipping coatings are very durable and chemical and insect repellent resistant. Examples: compound bows, archery accessories (ex: sights, stabilizers, stabilizer weights, quiver hoods, bow stands), animal calls, slingshots. See custom Archery and Hunting Equipment camo dipping gallery

  • Aviation and Aerospace

    Our water transfer printing coatings are lightweight. We can also match interiors (typically already done in wood veneer). All parts will pass any required flame testing. Examples: interiors, seat components, cup holders. See custom Aviation and Aerospace water transfer printing gallery

  • Marine and Water Sports

    Our hydro imaging coatings are UV protected and weatherproof. Examples: dashes, radio bezels, tables, steering wheels, speaker covers. See custom Marine and Water Sports hydro imaging gallery

  • Automotive

    Our exterior hydrographic coatings are UV protected, flexible, and impact resistant. Examples: interior dash kits (includes many parts, including: instrument bezel, radio console, door pods), exterior accessories (ex: hub caps, mirrors, halos, popup headlights, trim), under-the-hood components (ex: engine covers, fuse box covers, plenum covers, air intakes). See custom Automotive hydrographics gallery

  • Recreational Vehicles

    Our interior cubic printing coatings have a very high build, to give them a lot of depth and beauty. Examples: custom interiors, dashes, bar tops, ceiling beams, light strips. See custom Recreational Vehicles cubic printing gallery

  • Motorcycles

    Our exterior hydrographic dipping coatings are UV protected, flexible, and impact resistant. Pretty much all parts. Examples: including fenders, gas tanks, rims, fairings. See custom Motorcycles hydrographic dipping gallery

  • Medical

    Our hydrographic printing coatings pass FDA regulations and autoclave testing. Examples: trays, instruments. See custom Medical hydrographic printing gallery

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