Ordering and Shipping Instructions

Ordering Instructions

  1. Choose firearm or product that you wish to have decorated.
    1. Choose complete gun package or a' la carte from store.
  2. Enter film pattern number (WTP#).
    1. Browse our hydrographics film pattern gallery and make note of the film pattern number (WTP#) you would like.
    2. Custom Pricing is available for custom colors and patterns not found in the store (please contact us).
  3. Select clear coat option.
    1. Our ceramic based high performance matte clear coat is standard with every purchase unless specified.
    2. Satin finish coating is also available at no additional charge.
    3. High gloss and specialty coatings are available at an additional cost (please contact us).
  4. Complete order safely and securely on PayPal.
    1. Enter all required customer and payment information on the PayPal checkout page.
    2. Include any special instructions on PayPal checkout page.
  5. Print a copy of PayPal order payment receipt, to be included in shipping box.
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Packing Instructions

  1. Completely disassemble firearms or product.
    1. We do not decorate any mechanical or moving parts, so please keep these with you.
    2. Please remove and keep all firing mechanisms and non decorated parts.
      1. Disassembly fees will be attached to your order if parts are not correctly disassembled (additional $50).
      2. If you cannot properly disassemble firearm please take it to your local gunsmith for assistance
      3. 3D Liquid Graphics, Inc. offers disassembly and reassembly for additional fees.
      4. Over-Under Shotguns must be completely disassembled. 3D Liquid Graphics, Inc. does not offer disassembly of these types of firearms
      5. Dirty or damaged firearms/parts may be assessed additional charges if we have to clean or are unable to properly disassemble your products.
  2. To avoid damage during transit please wrap each component to be decorated separately.
    1. Use protective bubble wrap or foam to protect components.
  3. Securely pack components into shipping box.
    1. Use protective bubble wrap or foam to protect components.
      1. Be sure that components do not move around in shipping box.
  4. Be sure to include copy of PayPal order payment receipt.
    1. Processing will not begin until payment in full is received.
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Shipping Instructions

  1. Be sure to include.
    1. Components to be decorated.
    2. Copy of PayPal order payment receipt.
  2. Attach Shipping label to box.
  3. Be sure to insure complete replacement value of firearm or components.
  4. Ship to:
    3D Liquid Graphics, Inc.
    P.O. Box 793
    North Webster, IN 46555
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Lead Time

  1. Lead time is 2-4 weeks.
    1. Expedited services are available for additional costs.
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  1. 3D Liquid Graphics, Inc. offers a 1 year warranty to protect against normal wear and tear on all finishes.
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